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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Message from the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland’s Chair, Linda Osinchuk

It is dismaying to read what has been deemed as important election issues and discussed to no end in the media and social media: pearls, clothes, hair, love or hate of Alberta, and so on and so forth.
I was pleased to finally see someone pointing out some very important issues. Gary Lamphier hit the nail right on the head in his Edmonton Journal article of April 12, 2012 : .

70% of Canada’s petrochemical activity takes place in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. This along with Alberta’s large natural gas supply makes the importance of the petrochemical sector vital to the economy of Alberta and all of Canada. It is therefore very important for Alberta’s political parties’ leaders to answer Mr. Lamphier’s question.

As chair of the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, I speak for 5 municipalities: Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon County, Lamont, Edmonton and Strathcona County.  We, as well as all Albertans deserve an answer to this question:

 “What specific plans do Alberta’s party leaders have to boost the growth of the province’s petrochemical sector?”

All municipalities throughout Alberta need to understand that jobs and quality of life for their residents is as much at stake as that of the Heartland’s.

Issues that affect Alberta’s economy have a trickle down effect on other important issues such as health and education. To ignore key economic issues is ignoring the source of the Alberta Advantage.

It seems that all promises are based on oil and gas revenues. Why, then, are these leaders not recognizing and maintaining these assets?

Will the leaders of Alberta’s political parties come forward and answer Albertans?

Linda Osinchuk, Chair

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

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