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Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 18th, 2010 VOTE!

My Vision...

To Be Trustworthy,  Self-Aware,  Humble,  Caring, Visionary, Empowering, Relational, Competent,       A Good Steward,  Community Builder...   SERVANT LEADERSHIP

For you I will ...
  • Work to ensure that the promised hospital becomes a reality
  • Continue to rally, lobby & fight tirelessly for buried transmission lines
  • Lead with a common vision & shared values on behalf of the community
  • Support & promote Business through the review and change of excessive regulations, procedures & bylaws
  • Ensure your tax dollars are used efficiently to provide all vital services, urban & rural
  • Assure the autonomy, identity & rights of our residents are achieved
  • Inspire a sense of freedom, respect and trust for each other, within council, staff and community as a whole
  • Continue to show a true commitment to our community as an active volunteer

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Opening Comments - Sherwood Park Candidates' Forum

Good Evening Everyone!

I am truly honoured and humbled to be standing here tonight as a mayoral candidate for our community of Strathcona County.
My background as a registered nurse, business owner, a community volunteer, wife and mother of 4 has provided me with values I believe are essential to true leadership:
Honesty, Trust, Integrity, caring.

I am here with you tonight to state the facts:

Enough is enough!  It is time for change!

Over the last six years under the present mayor's reign we were to get:

1.   Lakeland College;
2.   An active treatment tx-surgical hospital;
3.   An overpass off Hwy 16 either on Broadmoor or Sherwood Drive.

Instead what did we get?

1.   A proposed 20 and a half story 500kv transmission lines;
2.   A Capital Region Board where Edmonton has the ONLY veto;
3.   A sign by-law that handcuffs businesses and to top it off ...
4.   An external/legal investigation of our chief commissioner, mayor and council  to the tune of $30,000 plus of your hard earned tax payers dollars!

I am tired of Strathcona County being the Charlie Brown of Alberta!

We are given the football to kick just like Lucy did with Charlie Brown. We run to kick it and each and every time it gets taken away. We land flat on our back time and time again.

No More!! It is time we get NOT only to kick the football through the goal posts but we want to run it for a touchdown too!

We deserve the originally promised 72 bed active tx-surgical hospital, buried Transmission lines and safe overpasses.

I will be your voice to the province NOT the provinces voice to you!! I am there for you.

This is a people county you deserve a people government

Together let’s Ignite the Spirit of our community

For leadership who will stand up for you -

I ask for your vote on October 18 - Osinchuk for Mayor!!