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Monday, August 29, 2011

Rick Orman Endorsement

Almost a year ago, the residents of Strathcona County decided to take a different vision than what had been offered. They decided to embrace change rather than the status quo, they elected to have constructive consultation rather than appeasement, and they chose optimism over the “we can't do that" attitude that was prevalent in past councils.
At that election I presented myself as a candidate for Mayor, one who would conduct County business with openness, honesty and frankness. Meaning I will tell you the truth regardless of the political consequences and what they might mean to me.
Your concerns are my concerns: a safe community, a community that encourages the Alberta Spirit, a community that face challenges together.
I have fought against 20 storey electrical towers, I have said that we need an active treatment hospital instead of a glorified medi-clinic; I have said our community needs input into planning its future infrastructure; I have said that we need to encourage  investment in our community.
I have listened to you for these last 10 months and have said "yes" to burying power lines, "yes" to an active treatment hospital, "yes" to constructive consultation in how future infrastructure is planned.
While challenging, these voices are being heard.
There are many fine candidates now seeking the Leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, each and every one of them would bring many admirable talents to the position of Premier of this great province.
But there has been one candidate who stands out when it comes to speaking to issues that mean so much to the residents of Strathcona County.
This candidate has been the only one who has said that the proposed power lines must be buried; he has been the only candidate to have committed to the new hospital that must be an active treatment hospital with real beds; he has been the only candidate who has said that people of Strathcona County must be consulted on what future needs our community will require and he understands our desire to have a vibrant business sector that will provide our future residents with good quality careers.
Because of these kinds of commitments and beliefs it is with great honour that I endorse and support for Alberta PC leader and our next Premier, Mr. Rick Orman.